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I absolutely love being a realtor and representing people in one of the most important investments of their lives.  A real estate transaction usually takes about a month to complete.  It is simply not a situation of write the contract, sit back on our haunches and wait for all the green dough to come swimming in!  There are timelines and tasks and even more negotiating in the case of an inspection.  A realtor is tasked with the responsibility of looking out for their client's best interests and most of us are worth the commission that is paid.  We are trained professionals and take our work seriously.  

It also is an occupation with a high turn around.  It is not for the faint of heart, or one who doesn't realize the value of money or the value of a relationship.  Those not dedicated to their profession usually fall out within a year.
I've come to realize that many people think we are paid a salary.  We are not.  If we do not take a transaction to closing, we do not get paid.  Not even if we're close.  

When the seller pays a commission, that fee is paid at closing.  He doesn't dole it out to the realtor as he needs it for advertising and the such.  Nope.  Only pays for results.  It's one of the reasons we deserve that fee.  

I hope you forgive me for the little tongue in cheek comparision of our profession to most other occupations.  I certainly am not whining.  I could easily go back to working in escrow but I'll tell you one of the reasons I don't.  It's the relationship.  There's a challenge finding a home that works for a client and there is not much more satisfaction than when my clients say to me, "This is the one.  This is the home I want to live in."



Most People

Real Estate Agents


Hourly or Salary



Regularly either every 2 weeks or monthly

ONLY upon closing

Paid Vacation?



Paid Sick Leave?



Paid Sat/Sun/Holiday?


LOL (in our dreams)

Paid for expenses?


No way


Usually some kind of compensation


Share your fees with boss?

In their dreams!

Absolutely one way or another

Get paid regardless of outcome?

If you worked it, they're paying you!

Blood, sweat, tears, gas, expenses...all down the tubes unless there is a SALE!

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